Sometimes I comment on your blogs after you have visited me, however the comment you get from me may not be from the site you visited. That’s because I have more than one blog.
So here is a list of my other ones. 😘


Our garden

Why Stay In



Doesn’t time fly, we are well into January and I have only just found the time to sit here, not that I have been doing anything exciting. I decided to start the new year with a clear out. A room a day was emptied and sorted deep cleaned and put back together, the only room not done is my sons and I am not going in there, far to scary 😄

We seem to be acquiring another cat, a lovely funny, friendly black and white young one. He seems to spend most of his time in our garden, comes into our house and as a good look around and a feed, but most surprising of all Kitten doesn’t mind him and happily plays with him and lets him eat from his plate.

I am back on my healthy eating and exercise plan  and according to our scales have lost 10lb in two weeks, which I am now panicking about because I am pretty sure I shouldn’t be losing that much. 😕

Well it’s stopped raining now so I am off to clean the windows.

Round Up

2018 round up of  exciting things 😀



The Wicked Witch of Fizzog at the  Crescent Theatre.

MMORPG At the Old Joint Stock.

The Late Marilyn Monroe At The Blue Orange Theatre

Bodenham Aboretum so cute baby donkey

Finding Your Feet A lovely heartwarming film.

Bella Italia foods not to bad for a chain place.

The Littleton Fantastic Food

Wake Birmingham opera company

Tip Sultan

80 years of puppets Wolverhampton Arts Gallery.

Red Cone Glass

Haxan Part of the Flat Pack Film Festival.

blakeney seal trips

Coombe abbey 1940s murder mystery weekend

Norwich Castle

Colourscapes MAC

Max Eastley Aeolian Harp

The museum of Norwich

Mundesley to Cromer walk 10 mile

Mundesley to Walcott walk around 4 mile.

The Shakespeare Gardens

Bryntail Lead Mine

Llyn Clywedog

Dudley Zoo

Mallory Park

The Vine

The fourways

the Littleton

Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens

Mostly Jazz, funk and soul

Summer in Southside


Beware the moon, flat pack/dudley zoo double bill – Night of the living dead – The Lost Boys

All about dogs dog show

Angel of the North

Greyfriars Kirk

Edinburgh Castle

The Sill

Lindisfarne Castle

Lindisfarne Priory

Kielder Forest

Bamburgh Castle

sunset trip farne island

coastal walk from Craster to Beadnell 4.4 mile one way

coastal walk from Beadnell to Bamburgh 8 ½ mile

Birmingham conservation park

We apologise for the Inconvenience Old Joint Stock

The Capital at the Rep by Stan’s cafe

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hide at the Town Hall


Himley Hall Christmas fare

Rotunda to round house architectural walk


Blists Hill Victorian Village

Happy New Year 🥂🍾

How was it for you? Hope you had the Christmas and New year you wanted.

Earlier in the year I said that losing weight hadn’t made much a difference to me, I wish to take that comment back. I have put on nearly a stone over December,😲 far too much home made ginger bread, short bread, mince pies, fruit cake and so on. I feel awful,😖 my back hurts, the heartburn is back, the trapped nerve in my foot is playing up, my power surges are now volcanic.

Oh well here’s to the new year

Enjoy, keep safe and have a love filled 2019


🎄☃️🤶 🎅

Not long now till the fat man comes, I love Christmas, the warm glow that you feel inside, the way everyone seems so happy, the pretty lights, the music, the food and all the rest of it. That said this year is going to be very different, hubby as to work right through the holiday so we won’t be having people round, which means I sort of get Christmas off.

We are only two weeks into December and those two weeks have been very up and down, we have lost another family member, I really would like to get through a year without a death/funeral but I suppose when you get to my age it’s a matter of course.

On the up side we spent a couple of days away in Shrewsbury and a day at Blists Hill Victorian Village which was done up for Christmas, the camp site we stayed on had a great light display to.

I have just finished reading Alfie In  the Snow by Rachel Wells, it’s a fictional book about a cat called Alfie and his son George who are hell bent on helping people come together. A nice book to read if you enjoy cats, also a good one to read to children as it covers feels such as anger, grief, forgiveness and love.

Well I may or may not get time to pop here before the big day, so I will wish you all a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year, take care and I hope you all get what you need this Christmas.



I have just finished reading Close Encounters of the Furred Kind by Tom Cox, a lovely book about his life with his 4 cats. A great read if cats own you as it’s all too familiar, and for people who are not lucky enough to be owned a glimpse into what you are missing.

December YEA, Christmas YEA snow

HOPEFULLY 😀 time to start celebrating.

All the decs are up, except for the tree, we will fetch that in a couple of weeks, and just look at what I found in Kittens bed.


Dear Santa,

I have been a very good Kitty this year, I have only killed one bird and brought in one live mouse. I have taken all my medicines without to much trouble and had my teeth brushed even though I don’t like it. I haven’t ripped any holes in any furniture and I have only pulled up a little bit of carpet.

I let the baby cat from down the road come into the house when it was raining very hard and shared my dinner with him. I have let mommy play with me and my toys and sat with her when she wasn’t feeling well. 

I would like a new cat toy and one ton of fresh king prawns for Christmas.

Thank you love





Another week gone, another week nearer to Christmas, and already the all the hype about having the perfect Christmas as started. A few days ago I heard on the radio how to pick the perfect tree, how to dress the perfect tree, how to cook the perfect turkey. It’s no wonder people find this time of year so stressful. 😫 Christmas is never perfect, the only place Christmas is ever perfect is on TV, that said I watched a Christmas movie a couple of days ago called Lovely Still it had me crying the end was so sad.

Last week consisted of running around like mad and getting nothing done 😯 I did however go on a very interesting Architectural walking tour around Birmingham called Rotunda to Round house with my son and then had a very nice meal after.

It’s been a bad week for the diet, I have had terrible sugar cravings which I have been giving into😲 I think it’s the weather, I blame everything on the weather 😉

🥧 🍪

Bless them they do try to be subtle, my family. For instance,

My husband after watching a Christmas movie with me yesterday, ‘mmmmmmm Christmas cookies, do you remember the ones you cooked last year?’

My son, ‘Oh jars of mincemeat’ (which have been in the cupboard since I made them a few weeks ago) It looks good’

All of which means mom when are you going to start the Christmas baking, 🤗 so this morning I put on my apron, cranked up Heart Xmas on the radio and set to work making said cookies and mincepies, dancing around the kitchen singing Christmas songs into a wooden spoon and generally enjoying the lovely smell in the kitchen. I also and let me make this clear as I am NOT proud of it, licked the bowl clean of cookie dough 🙄

Last week consisted of trying to clean the Kittens teeth, he’s not too keen, but he does like eating the tooth paste, spending a day at a Christmas craft fair, I picked up some ideas for next years crafts 😉 and brought hubby a very nice British made cap, made in Britain with British wool and sold by a British company, yes I know I am over the moon with it, it really is hard to find anything that is completely UK made these days. I read A morbid Taste for Bones The Cadfael Chronicles by Ellis Peters which I enjoyed and had to go back to the doctors with my ears which are playing up. I have another infection, the left ear that bad he the doctor couldn’t see the eardrum. 😕

Oh well such is life

Bye for now


What a week, the tip gulls have been very noisy, the weather can’t make it’s mind up. One day cold and frosty the next warm like spring, it’s the little animals I feel for, they don’t know where they are. My glue gun decided to crack, that hurt hot glue all over my fingers and down  under a nail. I shouted ‘Oh deary me, that hurt a lot’ or words to that affect 😀

I had to do some shopping in Boots and came out with a free mag, which I though would be interesting to look through, (I don’t usually do magazines). I couldn’t have been more wrong 😯. Lot’s of make-up tips and ideas for the festive period, but only if you are below 25, only under 25’s can get away with glittery eyelids, 30 at a push. Also the party clothes, fine if you are young and thin. Then an article about how to get through Christmas, how to fake the thank yous etc. I never have to fake a thank you, I really am happy with whatever I am given, no matter what it is. As for getting through Christmas with people you don’t particular like, years ago I was asked how I did it and told that person easy. I get up at 4 to start the cooking etc and have a glass of sherry, then I have a sherry on the hour every hour by the time the guests arrived I couldn’t care less. I don’t do that anymore and I wouldn’t recommend it 😉 But it does depend on the visitors 😄


Happy November, we have had a couple of lovely frosty mornings last week, it felt right for the time of year and put me in a lovely Christmas mood, however today it’s raining and dull so is my mood.

Yesterday there was a report on TV to say that a company wants to build houses on Saltwells nature reserve, it’s a beautiful green space, (and we only have a few of these places locally in the Black country), with lots of plants and wild life. Today a report said that the wild life and nature organisation want to plant hedge rows and verges to help wildlife  in the Black country!!  🤨

We had a fun Halloween, we went into Birmingham to the town hall to see the 1920’s version of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hide, with live organ music. I go every year to see this type of thing, but this time I got hubby and my son to come with me.