Sometimes I comment on your blogs after you have visited me, however the comment you get from me may not be from the site you visited. That’s because I have more than one blog.
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Our garden

Why Stay In



🤢 This is how I feel, the vertigo is not getting any better, despite the pills, yes the doctor phoned me back and agreed I had vertigo, (I already knew that) so I went back down to the surgery to pick up the prescription which is doing absolutely nothing.  I have been walking around the house holding on to walls and doors, I haven’t tryed to go out, I even missed the chill out festival, (all reggae music) at the weekend  🙁

What I have been doing is finishing of the crafts I had half started, but even that hasn’t been easy. Oh well it can’t last forever.  😏


I just knew it was going to be one of those days. I got up with toothache, walked into the door frame and realised I had vertigo, (again), went for my blood sugar testes and found the clinic now opens earlier so I had to wait ages. Went to the doctors to ask for a prescription for the vertigo only to be told you have to see the doctor, but not today, the doctor will phone you later, got home to find the washing machine flashing, full of wet washing, it wouldn’t turn off open it’s door, so I spent 39 minutes on the phone trying to book a repair. They are coming Monday.

So here I sit waiting for a call from the GP and trying to keep Kitten happy because he’s not well either, wish me luck 😉


Here’s a thought, the dooms dayer’s  keep telling us the world will end in fire, the end of days are here and so on. Everyone takes it as a nuclear war, asteroid and even creatures from out of space. Look at what is happening around the world now, heatwaves, spontaneous combustion in woodland, bush fires, earthquakes, all involve fire, all happening now, oooooh errrr. I personal think this old  earth as a few years left.

Now the government in all it’s wisdom 🙄? are looking into building on more green land space. Now is it just me that can see the problems that this will cause,  the more green spaces they concrete over the harder it is for rainwater to run away, more concrete = more floods. It is a medical fact that green spaces are good for mental health, less green spaces = more stressed out people, houses built on green spaces are generally not cheap so doesn’t help the type of people they are being built for. When is the government going to admit that the problem is too many people on our small island.  This little island can’t cope, not enough room, not enough water or home grown food, not enough jobs, not enough money to funded the amount of people passing through the schools or NHS and all that before people start losing their jobs to machines, which opens yet another can of worms. If people lose their jobs to machines who is going to pay the taxes to fund the NHS/schools/social care and so on… I have gone on a bit of a rant there haven’t I, sorry but sometimes I feel like this  😫, I really must stop listening to the news.

On to the brighter side, ‘It’s Beware The Moon’ time again, I love these nights which have been running for three years now and this year the team did two. Flatpace and Dudley Zoo team up to produce a wonderful evening of fun. The zoo opens it’s gates after closing and the public are allowed into the castle grounds. Flatpack set up a screen and music. There is food and drink on sale or you can take your own, take a chair or blanket and sit on the grass. The evening starts with music then as the light dims the projects of creepy things are projected onto the castle walls and the  film starts. This year as I have said we had two, Friday night we saw Night of the Living Dead (1968) and Saturday was The Lost Boys (1987).  In previous years we have seen Bride of Frankenstein (1935) and American Werewolf in London (1981)

I  finished reading ‘Iron towns’ by Anthony Cartwright one of our  local writers

and now I am off to the vets.




🤒 😀 🌧 🌬 💨 🎤 🎧 🎼 🎹 🥁 🎷 🎺 🎸 🎻

I have a sore throat, but it’s worth it. I brought it back with me from the Luna Festival, after two months of hot, hot dry weather it decided to break on Sunday with wind and lots and lots of liquid sunshine. That much in fact that I was soaked right through to my underwear, (how hard is it to pull-up wet jeans and kickers in a porter loo)?? 🤔

We saw some great and some not so great bands, sat by a bonfire and generally had a fun filled day despite the weather, I killed another camera, that’s the third one I have lost to the elements, namely rain. Two days on and it’s still not working, I thinks its fair to say it’s had it’s day    😥

I heard on the news this morning that now parents are to get help with teaching their children basic language skills, I couldn’t believe what I had heard, so wound the news back to listen again, and yes I had heard right. How hard is it to TALK to your child, to READ to and look at books with your child, to recite NURSERY RHYMES to your child, to COLOUR with your child, it’s not is it? Just get your head out of the computer and phone and put the child first, after all that’s what you had them for isn’t. It annoys the hell out of me when I see a adult with a small child totally ignoring the child because they are playing games on their phones. All those  missed opportunities to chat and point out things in the world. I used to talk to my son constantly right from day one, even though my then mother-in-law used to tell me I was silly he didn’t understand, ‘mommy’s putting the water in the kettle and plugging it in, now I am putting the tea in the cup’ etc. I read to him and song rhymes to him from day one too. I despair at times I really do.  😞 Sometimes I want to grab hold of these people and shout into their faces ‘What are you doing you are missing all the good bits, they are not little forever, enjoy this time together’

Ok rant over.

Have a great day 🤗

🙂 🙁 😾

It’s a bit all up and down here at the moment. The last few days have gone from happy to worrying. Friday was happy, we went into Birmingham to see a play, then Saturday I went back for a day of education 😀, actuality I went to the Jewellery Quarter Festival and attended some very interesting talks and tours. Yesterday my mother-in-law was rushed into hospital. We are now waiting to find out what is wrong.

These little darlings have taken over the garden, much to the annoyance of Kitten, he is far too old to cope with the little terrors 😃


I have been trawling the local charity shops for old crockery, I want to do a vintage afternoon tea, and came across this lovely cup/saucer and side plate. They are so tiny. I have put the cup and saucer next to the cup I normally use, and the side plate on top of one of our side plates, (which is classed as small). Look at the difference. Is it any wonder people were a lot smaller a few years ago?  🙂


Sometimes I despair at the world and I have to remind myself that not everyone is the same, but when I hear things like this.

 “A 39-year-old from Wolverhampton, 41-year-old from Wolverhampton, 25-year-old from London, 26-year-old from London, and 22-year-old from London were all charged in connection with the alleged incident that occurred at 2.15pm on Saturday (21 July) at Home Bargains on Shrub Hill Retail Park, Tallow Hill, Worcester.” 

They threw acid over a 3 year old boy, what type of low life, waste of space could do that type of thing to anyone let alone a child?

Then another report of two more acid attacks in Birmingham.

We have had a lot of wild fires in the UK this year because of this very hot summer, a report I read this morning says that 78 of 112 had been started deliberately. Again how brain dead do you have to be to deliberately start a fire in these dry conditions, endangering the lives of people, wildlife and property.  🤔



Lost a pound, don’t know how when I lived on crisp and ice-cream last week!

Can you believe we are half way through the month all ready, and over half way through the year😯

I remember when I was a ‘young un’ days would last a week, weeks would last a month, months a year, and a year, ten when I was  waiting for my birthday or Christmas. I want time to go back to those days,  just time not my life.

Another hot weekend so we headed into Birmingham for the Summer in Southside festival, lots of free fun, but you do have to be young at heart. Just right for me 😉

I couldn’t sleep the other night it was far to hot, so I got up and put the TV on, looking for something to lull me into sleep. What I found was Stan against evil I was hooked I watched 4 of them from series 2, now I am on the look out for the rest. They are so bad they are good.  😄

Off now to varnish the table

12 Months on.

It’s been 12 months since I started this blog, it all began when I was told to lose weight or become diabetic, I was told the program would make a new woman out of me, well it hasn’t 😁 . Yes I have lost weight, but sometimes I don’t think that is is a good thing.

What I have noticed about losing weight,

I have lost a lot off my bum which makes sitting very painful at times.

The excess skin that now hangs from my underarms, tummy, and chins is not all at attractive 😄

The lines are my face are now gullies .

You can’t decide where you want the weight to come off from, so I have lost it from my calves and thighs, but not my knees, so there is a pocket of fat around them.

I have lost it from my shoulders, the top of my shoulder is a lovely shape and small,my arms however are still big, so I look like Popeye.

And to top it all I have lost more weight off one boob than the other. 😯

I ache more than I did when I was bigger, I bruise easier and take longer to heal, but I suppose that could just be old age 😉

It hasn’t help with the menopausal problems.

So 12 months on and I may have lost weight, but I don’t feel any different at all.

On to other things, I heard on the news that the boys and coach in Thailand have all been rescued from the cave 😀😀 🎉 🎉 All safe and sound, I love to start the day on a happy note.

I am not to sure what is going on with the animals in our garden, the birds are emptying the feeders/table a couple of times a day. They are eating like winter is coming. Kitten wouldn’t come in the house for two days running. He would come as far as the door, hiss and refuse to come in. We had to feed him outside.  This morning he strolled in demanding food as if it was just another day. 🐱

I have done a very stupid thing, (don’t judge me, as my wonderful? son told me, Stop doing things you are too old)  😄. I have ripped the toe nail from my big toe, I couldn’t get over the amount of blood. Yes it was my own fault because I was trying to be clever or truth be told I was being idle. I need to change the ink in the printer and rather than move some stuff so that I could reach properly, I squeezed in the gap, lost my footing, caught my foot, nail gone! 😮. TUT sandals look really good with a big wrapped up toe  😄

And….football is not coming home, but I think England did well to get as far as they did.




So I have put a pound on this week, far too much ice-cream as been consumed. It’s been so hot, really really hot.

Sunday we went to a Jazz, Funk and Soul festival and despite covering up, big hat and factor 50 I still burnt and felt very sick which continued into Monday, I think I may have had a little sunstroke. I am still not feeling to bright today, so excise has gone out of the window today.

A thought struck me the other night, how some people can totally ignore their kids.  Two siblings playing in out road the other night, one began to cry at the top of their lungs, it then went on like this

First child. screaming and crying

Sibling. ‘Shut up…what are you crying for?’

First child. cry’s even louder.

Sibling. ‘SHUT UP  SHUT UP.’

First child. Screams and cry’s louder.

Sibling. ‘SHUT UP’ picks up a stone and bounces it off the crying child’s head’

First child. Screams .

Sibling. ‘What’s the matter’

First child’ no longer crying ‘That fucking hurt you twat’

Now bearing in mind these children are aged about 5 and 7, their parents house was only 4 doors away from where all this was happening, not one of the parents came out to see what was going on. Is it just me that thinks this is not right?

Ah well nothing to do with me I suppose, but it does make me wonder why some people don’t seem to care what their kids are up to.


We are pretty unless at dealing with the weather here in the UK 😀. An inch of snow in the winter brings everything to a stand still, a few inches of rain floods complete towns and villages, then in the summer a few days of sun and we have a water shortage. Although this one we have now is not because we don’t have the water, it’s because the waterboard can’t clean it fast enough to keep up with demand. 🙄

Last week was a busy week again, mostly in the garden, there was one BBQ where I was introduced to Quinoa and Beetroot burgers 😋 I am now looking for a recipe.

We spent a very pleasant afternoon at Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens, which are small but pretty. We were actuality there to see the Reps production of Jane Austen’s Emma. The Rep put on an outdoor play every year usually Jane Austen or Oscar Wilde, we always go no matter what the weather. I love outdoor events.

Well that’s it I am off to sand the arbor.


OOOPS forgot I lost 3lb last week. 10 5