I feel like 💩, I woke up this morning with a sore throat and earache another cold on the way.

Last nights class was hard work, a lot of shuttles, 150 star jumps, planks, push-ups, and resistance workouts, I was soaking by the time we had finished. I was the only one form the old group there, everyone else was new and young, they did nothing but moan about every little thing they were asked to do, complaining about not being able to do the exercises, they were too hard, they felt sick, they didn’t like the music etc. I couldn’t help but think ‘if you are in this state now, god help you when you get to my age.’

I put ½lb on, I put that now to the fact I haven’t been able to 💩💩 for a week. 😣

A report on TV yesterday said that people who are over weight live longer that people of the correct weight. This is what our NHS say I wish they would make their minds up, do we diet or not? What do you think? I will admit that I do feel better since losing weight, I love the fact I can buy prettier clothes and wear heels without  my knees killing me, but it would be nice to know one way or the other which is healthier.

I have been doing a bit more research on the 1940’s fashion for the do we are going to and have found that brogues were a fashion, I have a pair of them in my wardrobe, I also have a square bag and a pair of over the wrist gloves, so the only thing I needed was a hat. I found this little tilt hat on ebay for £12.99. Nearly there   🙂

The earrings are from my box.

This is our cat ‘Kitten’ he is now on a diet, he is not impressed. (this photo was Christmas, we haven’t still got the tree up). How do you put a cat on a diet, what he can’t have here he scrounges from neighbours  🙄



Happy flipping Shrove Tuesday. YUM YUM time 😀 I love pancakes, this year I have tried a couple of new recipes. The first one I used half white plain flour and half brown wholemeal, tastes just the same as all white. The other I put two large teaspoons of cinnamon into the mix, that one was fantastic.  So that’s tonight’s puddings sorted. I like mine with berries and just a little ice-cream, hubby likes his no fruit and a tub full of ice-cream, (he doesn’t get a tub full ) and my son is old school, it’s lemon and sugar all the way for him. How do you like yours?

I didn’t go to fatty club last night, it had been one of those days. The bearings went on the dryer, the  thing would only dry for 10 minutes before it began to scream like a banshee. Then I would have to turn it off for half an hour and try again. So I ended up drying the washing on a clothes airer in front of the fire,  that brought back memories and took all day to dry the washing 🙂 It wouldn’t be that bad but the dryer is only just over two years old, nothings built to last now.

The rain and freezing temperatures continue all day and I really didn’t fancy the half hour walk to the class, I would have been soaked by the time I got there and then I would have had a half hour walk back in the cold wet weather. So I gave it a miss, naughty I know 😏


My latest bargain, a 1920’s style bag. I popped into one of the many charity shops in our little town to look for a 1940’s style hat, no luck but this bag caught my eye. We are doing a 1920’s thing next year so I couldn’t miss the opportunity of this little bag for £1.99. It looks grey on this photo but it’s a mink/ taupe  colour with little crystal stones.

Another pound lost this week and only two more sessions left, then I am on my own 😨, I think that will be when I start to find it hard, not having the weigh in hanging over my head to prompt me into not eating too much  😏



This is how I feel…

                          😃 😨 🤔

Yesterday I went for my blood results and check up.

😃 My blood pressure is back to normal, my blood sugars have dropped from 44 to 39 I am no longer pre-diabetic, YEA!

😨 My cholesterol has gone up, the bad cholesterol was 6.8 it is now 7.3, the good was 1.8 and is now 1.5.

🤔 I was like how can they have gone up? I have lost weight, I take more than the recommend  amount of exercise each week, my blood sugars are down. After going over my medical recorders and blood results for the past two years my cholesterol has been going up slowly year after year and given that I have done all the above they think that it must be genetic.  So I have had to be put on statins, not something I wanted to do but I don’t really have a choice.

So all the news you hear about being over weight and having a bad diet causing high cholesterol and  about losing weight and taking exercise  reducing your cholesterol isn’t always so.  🤯



Week 21

Another week gone, where does the time go?

On Saturday we went to a family 50th birthday party, and I wore my new dress and boots, by the end of the evening I was feeling very self-conscious. I hadn’t seen a lot of the people there since a family wedding two years ago, everyone commented on my weight loss, I found it a bit embarrassing. What I did find funny was the reaction of two people who were in fits of giggles when we reached them, they had asked  someone else who hubby had brought to the party because they didn’t recognize  me, they thought he had a new woman 😄 He should be so lucky 😉


I have  been bargain hunting again and below are my new acquisitions.

The above dress was from a company called Viva la Rosa, but I got it from ebay, it should have been £69 .99 I had it for £33.98. I have brought it for a 1940s do later in the year.

The above top and jacket were £5 each from everthing5pounds.com, they have some really nice stuff on there, but you have to be quick as things sell out quickly.

This felt hat also cost £5, but this was from a sales rail in a supermarket, just need it to stop raining now so that I can wear it. 😃


Last nights class was hard work, a ¾ of an hour H I T session, I quite like H I T sessions, and my fat was really crying last night 😅, we had a stand in coach who I thought very good. I lost 3½lb last week so I am almost back to my pre-Christmas weight of 10st 5lb, now I am 10st 6½.  We have homework this week, it’s like being back at school 😲, we have to log all the exercise we do this week and then see how we can add more, I don’t see how I can do this, last week I did 463 minutes of scheduled aerobic  exercise, plus  walking, house work etc. The recommend amount of aerobic is 160 minutes a week. You can’t spend all your time exercising can you, at some point you have to relax.

🏃‍♀️ 🚴‍♀️ 🤗



Not good, not good at all I have put another two pound back on 😯 , but that’s what you get if you finish off all the 🎂 🍮 🍭 🍬 🍫 🍿 🍩 and 🥂 🍷 🥃 🍸 🍹 🍾 left over from Christmas. 😊 On the upside it’s now all gone, so I can get back on track.

Last nights class was a little sad, coach left,  gone on to better things, but I shall miss them. I just hope our new coach has a sense of humour, that said I think I only have three or four sessions left anyway. Last nights class was a H I T session,  60 seconds on 20 seconds off, aerobic and strength for the half hour, the session felt a little flat, I think because we all felt the same way.

I went for the results of the tests I had done for the blood in my poop and the lump on the base of my spine, they can find no reason for the blood, (which as now stopped), so it’s a case of wait and see if it starts again. The lump is a little stranger, first I was asked how old I was when I broke my coccyx…

Doctor, How old were you when you broke your coccyx?

Me,  I haven’t broken my coccyx.

Doctor, (showing me the X ray) here is the fracture line.

Me, No,I have broken toes, both ankles, a shin bone, dislocated a knee, broke both wrists , two fingers and my nose, but not my coccyx.

Doctor, Well the lump is because the coccyx has at sometime in the past been broken and as not set correctly.

Well you learn something new every day don’t you, I have a broken bone to add to the list, and I never new about it. 😏


We have a party coming up, not a posh party but I still want to look nice, so I booked myself an hair appointment. I went from hair that was below my shoulder blades and no fringe to a short bob, (above chin length)  with a fringe, it’s knocked about 10 years off the way I look.  Everything I have now (except my jeans which were new at Christmas) hangs off me. Hubby gave me some money and told me to treat myself, I had planned a trip to Merry Hell (Hill for those of you who have never been), but this morning I popped into our local super market and saw this dress.

I would never have dreamt of wearing anything this slim fitting this time last year, I took a size 18 into the changing room and it hung off me, so I went looking for a size 16 and spotted these

So I took them into the changing room along with the size 16 dress. Again I would never have worn ankle boots with a dress.  I tried them on and they looked really good together, so in the basket they went. On the way out I saw a sale rail (who doesn’t love a sale rail), So it was back into the changing rooms with these tops


The top one is a size 12 and fits and the shirt is a 14 and fits, better still the top one was down from £10 to £5 and the shirt £4.50 instead of £14. I can’t believe that only 5 months ago I was wearing a size 20/22 and now I am a size 14/16 😃 I feel fantastic.




I didn’t make it to last weeks weigh in, hubby came home from work Sunday evening not feeling to well. I woke to the bed shaking at 3am, hubby was shaking and had a temperature. So I got up, walked to the all night pharmacist and got a mixture of medications. By the time I got back he was hallucinating, (this always happens when he is ill, so I am well used to it).  Monday morning I had a called from the doctors asking me to go in ‘now!’ So off I went and walked straight in to see the doctor, to the annoyance of a lot of the waiting people. The results from the ear swab were back and the infection was worse than they thought, so I had to have an oral antibiotic, which went straight through me 😟

By the time Monday evening came along I had had enough, so I stayed home.

This week I made it there, and I have put 2½lb on, which really surprised me I thought I had put much more than that on.  Then some sad news, our coach is leaving, it’s their last week next week 😢 we will miss them.


Happy New Year 🎉

I know I am a little late, but better late than never.

So how was your Christmas? Mine wasn’t what I had planned, but what is that old saying, ‘Man makes plans and the Gods sit and laugh.’ I developed a very bad ear infection that left me deaf in one ear and made me feel quite unwell, my earring is still not right and the ear is still sore, but nothing like it was. We still had family round because I had promised them they could come, and I don’t like going back on my word. Perhaps it was because I was feeling under the weather but I had never noticed how bloody annoying they are before 🙄.

We are now 7 days into the New Year and my first weight in in 4 weeks is due tomorrow 😲, I am not looking forwards to it, over the holiday I cooked and ate far to much. Christmas dinner, sandwiches, wine, fizzy and JD and coke, plus,

Home made red velvet and chocolate cake

(made with low fat spread and half sugar)

Home made ginger cake

(made with half and low fat spread)

Home made mince pies

(pastry made with low fat spread and mincemeat made without suet)

And some nice healthy fruit

(shame about the cream I put on the top)




As 2017 draws to a close, I thought I would give you a little insight into what I/we have been up to this year. More about some of these trips out can be seen on ‘Turn of that computer (over on the sidebar).

Have a fun filled and safe night, be back next year. 😉


Arena theater Wolverhampton

Sat in complete darkness with earphones you are transported into a dream world. Unbelievable good, at times it was hard not to believe Juliet wasn’t really sat beside you whispering in you ear. If it come’s to your part of the world give it a go.


I Am Beast

Arena theater Wolverhampton

When Ellie’s mother dies, Ellie retreats into a world where she is a super hero, doing battle with Dr. Oblivion. Finally confronting her grief which is portrayed by a life sized puppet monster who keeps telling her she has to fight, the audience is finally let into the secret of why Ellie can’t let go of her grief.

The Grand Hotel Birmingham

Segundo De Chomon A night of very old (1900s) silent movies with live music. This was part of The Flatpack Festival and held in the Grosvenor room of The Grand Hotel which is under going restoration, so it was a good chance to take a last look at the ballroom before they start work on it.

The Shared Individual
Birmingham uni
Augmented reality. Mixing film, theater, performance, and technological trickery, put on the glasses and earphones and you become part of the shared individual. Great fun Part of Flatpack 11


Millennium Point Birmingham

Jeff Desom and Olivier Pesch have recreated iconic scenes from well-loved movies in perfect miniature. Part of Flatpack 11 – Birmingham.



Kino Train

New street Station Birmingham
Part of flatpack 11, Lots of short films. Loved Chickens/the elephant in the room.


The Vicar of Dibley

Minack theater Cornwall

Live performance of the TV show and yes just as funny.


Bearwood street festival who doesn’t enjoy a festival, and this one was great fun, music, stalls, story telling.


Summer in southside Birmingham lots of music, acrobats, plays, sheep racing and much more


Chainmakers festival A yearly advent to commemorate Mary Mcarthur. Although the flyer makes it sound more fun than it is. I go every year in hopes it will get better…


Sense and Sensibility by the Crescent Theatre at Castle Bromwich Gardens. Link to gardens above.
Lovely gardens and as ever a fun filled performance from the Rep. We usually go to Harvington Hall, but this year decided to try a different venue, and I am glad we did. Castle Bromwich Gardens is a much more friendly place. The tickets were cheaper and they provide chairs. We had taken our own as at Harvington you have to take your own.


Mostly Jazz, Funk and Soul Mosley Park Birmingham. A weekend of music, food, drink, dancing, pure funny.


The life and death of Marilyn Monroe Blue Orange Theatre. A one woman show, Danielle Gearing brings Marilyn to life, funny, raw and touching a wonderful show. In fact it made me cry.


The Big Sleuth all over Birmingham and Sandwell, lot’s of bears, lots of sleuthing


Frankenstein man or monster by Mad Theatre at Blue orange theatre. A one man show about Frank who has multiple personalities, he can switch from one personality to another and they are co-conscious which means they are aware of each other. Among his personalities are Victor Frankenstein – he has schizophrenia, paranoia and delusions of grandeur. He believes that ‘agencies’ are after his ground breaking scientific research.

Igor – he has OCD and believes that if anything adds up and isn’t a prime number someone will die.

Elizabeth – has an eating disorder

Monster – he also has schizophrenia, he hears voices and has hallucinations and confused speech (word salad).

This play is funny, moving and sometimes quite dark. A really good play about mental illness.


A Black Country FairyTail Ay it! By Fizzhog productions heald at Netherton Arts Centre. 3 Fairytails this really has to be seen, a small group of actors who claim to have, perfected in a single afternoon’s rehearsal! Not one, not two, but a few fairytale’s interwoven. This afternoon rehearsal shows as the actors forget lines, have family arguments, and mix up the tails, the audience are dragged into the play, so if you don’t like participating don’t sit up front. It’s also a good idea to have some understanding of the Black Country dialect otherwise you could get lost. I didn’t stop laughing all night to the point were my face hurt. Great fun.


Wolfie and the Showgirl At the Crescent Theatre- Annie-Mae works in a speakeasy, she loves Wolfie, a no good thief. But Wplfie has a secret.


American Werewolf in London Dudley Zoo, Flatpack event. Out doors, music and film, food and drink, set in the grounds of a castle ruins, in a zoo, what’s not to like?


Moseley Folk Festival Music, food, drink all in the park, whats not to like.


The Destroyers at the MAC, its the Destroyers whats not to like.


conwy castle and walls Nice walk around the walls and a fun castle to play in


Smallest house in Britain so tiny


St Marys nice little old church


Alice Trail Llandudno, only partly done due to weather, light and no map.


Llyn Brenig Lovely reservoir and a good coffee house.


Parys Mountain A disused open case copper mine, it’s like walking through another world.


The Copper Kingdom Centre, A very informative museum with exhibits and an audio commentary.


Birmingham weekender Yet another great weekend put on by Birmingham, and it’s all free, loved Harminder and the mini operas.


The Big Sleuth All Bears Together


Coventry Music Museum A nice little museum dedicated to Two-Tone and other music.


Käthe Kollwitz Sofla Hultén and Anna Moiska exhibition at the Ikon Birmingham.


Time Critical By Stan’s Cafe  A fast passed play, Her job is to compress the history of the world over the last 26 years into 26 minutes; his is to do the same for Stan’s Cafe. Very enjoyable.


Freezin By the Fizzogs. Lizzie Cotterill had a dream one night about an amazing story of a girl with a special freezing power, when she awoke she told all the family members that she had another idea for a play. As ever things don’t go to plan. I love the Fizzogs, the tears roll down my face they are so funny.


Coombe Abbey Medieval banquet, great fun if you like dressing up and eating with your fingers, only trouble is you can’t choose who you sit with.


The Good The Bad and The Ugly Sisters by B2 The Belgrade Theatre. A spaghetti western where the glass slippers have spurs, a adult pantomime. Not as funny as previous years but still a laugh.


The Bar Convent Living Heritage Center


Cliffords Tower


Fairfax House


Jorvik Viking Centre


National Railway Museum


Richard III experience


York Roman Baths

York Brewery


York castle Museum


York’s Chocolate Story


York Minster


Yorkshire Museum


Christmas at York Museum


York Ghost Bus Tour


Saltwells Nature reserve