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Our garden

Why Stay In

Stay in, look after your health service, save life’s

Tomorrow will be a good day 

Captain Tom Moore 

A New Month

August is that last flicker of fun and heat before everything fades and dies. The final moments of fun before the freeze. In the winter, everything changes

.Rasmenia Massoud

Welcome to August the last month of summer, although here in the UK you would be forgiven for thinking we are already in Autumn, the weather is awful, what with the winds and the rain.

August is also the month to welcome Lammas, now high summer and the union of Sun and Earth, of God and Goddess, has produced the First Harvest. Lammas is a celebration of this, so grab you besom broom add a gold and green ribbon a piece of mint and sweep good fortune into you door. Don’t forget to give the mint back to the earth with a thankful heart.

Bright Blessings

Man Makes Plans And The Gods Sit And Laugh

Long story short, the ceiling in our back bedroom has been cracked for a while, so we decided to get it fixed before the plaster started to fall off. We booked a builder who gave us a date, as we striped the walls plaster fell from them, another call to the builder to ask if he could repair the walls too and it was a yes. I couldn’t believe out luck. Then it started, we found a damp patch. We now have to wait for another builder to come to repair the chimney stack. The plaster went up and is now dry, this week I was going to start the painting, that is until I squatted down to go under the sink and couldn’t get back up. Off I went to the hospital, (because I couldn’t see the point in phoning the doctors), had an x-ray see if I had broken anything I hadn’t but I had damaged the ligaments in my knee. Now I can’t stand for more than 30 minutes, and have to apply ice packs/heat/elevate every couple of hours, so that’s the decorating gone out the window. It could take between 3 and 6 months for the knee to heal.

Kitten’s not been to well again and lost a lot of weight, more injections and he’s picking up again, the heat was not helping him either.

Oh well let’s see what this week brings.

Freedom Day…I think not

All restrictions are to be lifted on Monday, every business will be able to open up, the laws that were brought in to make us wear masks and social distance no longer apply, no more social distancing no more masks, except we are being asked and expected to continue to social distance and wear masks. They might as well have just left the law in place, I feel for the poor shop worker and transport workers who now have to try and enforce this without the backing of the law.

It’s been just over a month since my diagnoses of high blood pressure , I have lost just over a stone in weight and have got my blood pressure down to 137 over 70. (it was 170-175 over 70) The doctor wants it below 136 and as agreed to give me two months to try to do this myself, if I can’t it will mean I will have to have more meds. So at least I am going in the right direction. Although there are times when I think what’s the point, I only have a few years left anyway, so is it really worth all the trouble.

I read a report a few weeks ago, (which I wish I had bookmarked because I now can’t find it) by a scientist who said we had lost the fight to save mankind and the planet as we know it. She then went on to say that it takes 700 years for one molecule of carbon-dioxide to dissipate and become harmless and given that we have been pumping out carbon-dioxide at high levels for the last 70 years, it makes no difference what we do now the planet and mankind as we know it is gone.

Bright Blessing

I Didn’t Realise How Long I Had Been Away.

I am back, I know it’s been a while, I am not going to make excuses what I will say is I had my results back. My blood sugars hit 47, 48 is diabetic!! I do have high blood pressure and have been put on meds for that, so the last (however many weeks) have been spent getting my diet back to a healthy one. I have to hold my hands up and say it had gone to pot over lock down I ate things I had never bothered with before like chocolate/crisps/biscuits and I have put on quite a bit of weight. Those of you who have read early posts will know I have trouble with my blood sugars and I lost a fair bit of weight a few years ago only to find that my sugars went up. At the time the nurse couldn’t explain why and when I mentioned that to the life style/nutritionist this time he was confused about the fact too.

I got bitten by a spider in the garden which became infected over night, I went to bed with a lump and got up with a swollen, red, hot leg and ended up on antibiotics.

Lockdown was extended for another 4 weeks, I feel as if I will never see the day when I can ditch the mask.

The G4 summit held in Cornwall came and went, what a waste of money. Roads were closed, coastal paths closed, fences erected, peoples life’s disrupted, then there’s all the pollution from the flights the politicians took to get here. Flights to attend a summit for climate change? On top of that it is now thought that it was the caused of the rise in COVID cases that occurred. I don’t see why this couldn’t have been held over the internet.

We had a partial eclipse of the sun and a Strawberry super moon neither of which we saw because of cloud.

We welcomed a new baby into our family, a lovely baby girl. However when I looked at her I couldn’t help thinking ‘ what have you been brought into, what world will be left for you in a few years.’

I have crafting and been out for a couple of walks, all part of my get moving and relaxing regime.

So there we are up to date

Bright Blessing

Welcome June

June is busting out all over…poor June

Yes I know an oldie but a goodie.

It is the month of June, The month of leaves and roses, When pleasant sights salute the eyes and pleasant scents the noses.

Nathaniel Parker Willis

All the tests have now been done, just have to wait for them to be looked at. I went for the eye test the doctor advised and had the results from the OCT Scan whilst I was there, no damage to the back of my eyes, so that’s good. I gave my self a tick and a star for that one. I went for the blood test, didn’t go well my arm wouldn’t stop bleeding. By the time I had got home, the plaster my arm and my shirt were covered in blood. I popped another plaster on and sat with my arm in the air, pressing on the arm with my other hand, I now have a lovely big bruise.

Oh well here’s to the new month, supposedly the month we are all to be set free from all the restrictions I am not holding my breath.

Bright Blessing

Here we go again

Right after writing my last post I got up on the Saturday feeling dreadful, so hubby went to the local pharmacist to see if he could buy anything over the counter. He was told no but there was a walk in clinic at the hospital, so off we went. Once there I gave my details and filled in the paper work and waited and waited after 45 minutes I was sent to the treatment rooms, (I didn’t mind the wait I love to people watch and there were some very strange goings on going on). when I got to the treatment rooms the nurse apologised to me for the wait and explained that there had been a mix up and the names hadn’t been being called. They, were all sat in the treatment rooms waiting for people and couldn’t work out why no one was coming down to them. Anyhow we chatted about the vertigo and how unwell I felt, she took my blood pressure 188 over 70, sit back and relax I was told I need to do it again, 5 minutes later it was took again, it had come down to 166, I had to wait again, then it came down to 145, still not ideal, but I was sent to to the doctor who gave me a prescription and told me to go home rest and monitor my blood pressure for the rest of the weekend, if it went above 170 to dial 999. I also needed to see my doctor, (some hope), so that’s what I did, the blood pressure hovering around 166/168. Monday morning I didn’t even bother trying to ring the doctors instead I went down and asked to see a doctor explaining what had gone on over the weekend. I was told someone would called me. So I had yet another phone consultation, I gave the doctor the readings and they agreed it was high but before I could have anything to lower it I have to have blood tests and a urine test. Hubby went back to the doctors to pick up the urine bottle and paperwork, I phoned for a blood appointment which was booked for Thursday 27th. I peed in the bottle, stuck on the stickers was about to attach the paperwork when I noticed the paperwork was for bloods not urine, off hubby went to sort that out. I have to monitor my blood pressure for another week by which time the results of both bloods and urine should be back and we can discuss options.

Bright Blessing

What is the point of doctors surgeries ?

Well the vertigo as gotten worst, I now can’t stand and keep throwing up, so I rang the doctors. After waiting 20 minutes on hold I got through. I explained that all I needed was a prescription, I was told I needed to speak to a doctor, but there were no appointments for today, to ring back tomorrow. I told the receptionist I wasn’t going to ring back tomorrow I had been on hold for 20 minutes already and couldn’t afford to keep being kept on hold, to which she said ring back later !?! I asked for advice and got no answer, so I asked should I just go to hospital, to which she said yes. Yes really she did, I didn’t and won’t, hospital is for emergencies and accidents. That said as hubby pointed out the way I keep falling over I will end up breaking something anyway and have to go.

If we are going to be excepted to wait on the line this long,

1 it should be a free phone number

2 there should be a message right at the start saying there are no appointments.

What I find really hard is the fact everyone is being told to go to work, schools are back, shops are open and so are the pubs, so why won’t the doctors surgeries see you? Is this a nationwide problem or is it just our doctors surgery? My mother in law does not seem to have the problems with her surgery we have with ours. If this is ever over and if I am still around I will be changing doctors. I think the problem is very simple the surgery as far too many people on it’s books, way before the pandemic every time I went in to drop off prescriptions there were lines of people putting their names down.

The NHS is fast becoming a waste of space, soon the only way anyone will be able to get treatment will be to go private.

I am off to do some research now to see if I can find an address to put my points of view across.

Welcome May

Happy Beltane, did you wash your face in morning dew and make a flower crown, how about jumping through the smoke of a fire, no oh well never mind there’s always next year.

This time last year we spent the weekend in the garden having our own Greenman/May day celebrations, it was warm, this year it’s freezing and wet.

This morning I went for my second Covid jab, my arm aches that didn’t happen last time, I keep having dizzy spells that didn’t happen last time and I have a temperature that didn’t happen last time either. Bummer.

Enjoy the break

Technology/Progress a force for good or evil, or something in between.

At the beginning of lock down we were told we could no longer drop prescriptions into the doctors they had to be email in. We have had more wrong prescriptions and missing prescriptions than correct ones using this method. Hubby decided to put some of his redundancy money into a government savings account on line , he tried to close that account and remove the money, he was lockout, he had to wait for a new password to be sent to us by post before we could access his money. I decided I want to take part in the Captain Tom 100 channel at the end of April, I set up a justgiving page, when I tried to log in it would not accept the password, I tried several times, then contacted the Captain Tom organisers for advice, they sent me to justgiving, who after several emails sent me back to the organisers. I gave up on the idea altogether I felt like a ping-pong ball*. There was a report on the news of a driverless car crashing and killing two people. The Nuclear bomb, now there’s a piece of tec/progress to be proud of, lets create something that can wipe out the world and every living thing on it, and not just that just for good measure lets leave the planet poisoned for a few thousand years.

Once the world was a big wide place but technology as allowed us to see around the world and encourage people to go out and see that world for themselves, the world as become tiny and look at the mess that as caused. Technology is taking over more and more of peoples jobs leaving people with more time on their hands and nothing to do. There are not that many leisure actives/hobbies that don’t involve money but no work means no money. Less people working, less tax being paid, less tax less money to paid for the up keep of the country. Technology is taking away our ability to think and problem solve, ‘just google it’ seems to be the cry of the day. Technology is helping to create a race of fat, dull, common sense deficient people, people with time on their hands and nothing to do rarely works out well, the Devil makes work for idle hands and all that. People rarely talk to each other face to face any more they ‘chat’ via text even when in the same room, I have often lamented at the loss of a really good conversation.

On the other hand Technology as given us DNA testing, a way of fighting crime, tracking hereditary disease. CAT/CT machines, help in the research of new medicine and advanced operations.** More food safety. OK I give up, I can’t find one reason that technology is that good for us, really good for us as a planet. If you have any ideas, if so leave them in the comments, I really would like to see the good side of technology.

*I made the 100 cards anyway and gave them to SIL who passed them on to a person she knows that does charity events for breast cancer, so it’s still good.

**This could also been seen as a negative, people living longer, more people on the planet

Crossed Wires Cause a Touch Of Tension

At the weekend hubby went to collect our prescription, which yet again were not correct, out of 7 items ordered all on the same email only two had been forwarded to the pharmacy. He rang me to tell me this and said he was on his way home. Two hours later he still wasn’t home, (town is a 10 minute walk away), I rang him and got his answer machine, I left a massage, an hour later I rang again the phone was still on answer machine. I put on my coat and was just about to head out when in he walked ‘WHERE THE BLOODY HELL HAVE YOU BEEN’ was how I greeted him, ‘I have been worried sick.’ He had been to the vets, why couldn’t he have told me he was going to the vets, why did he say he was coming home, why didn’t he answer his phone. According to him he hadn’t said he was coming home, he had said he was going to the vets, and he didn’t hear his phone. He always hears it when it’s his mother or sister, excuse me whilst I scream…

…That’s better.

We have a new variant of COVID, this one as come in from Indian. I really can’t see why travel to other countries wasn’t stopped, we are never going to stop this thing from spreading around the world. Here’s the link to the story.

I did see a report that said the people of Indian were refusing to wear face masks, then it showed the banks of the Ganga, (Ganges ) packed full of people, not really a clever way to behave given the times we are living in, that said it’s much the same here now that the pubs have opened.

I watched Prince Philips funeral, it was so fitting. Very little of the pomp and ceremony normally associated with Royal occasions, because of the restrictions only 30 people attended, the focus was entirely on him and the service, not the people attending or the crowd outside. He planned most of it himself and because of the times we are now in I think he got what he wanted. The Queen looked lost and suddenly old, she as lost her rock. I do wonder if she will now take a back seat.

Well lets see what this week brings.

Bright Blessings