Back, no I haven’t been away but we have been Going out, a lot and eating a lot, two curries, one barbecue and an afternoon tea 😊 I still managed to lose ½lb 10st 5½ now. I have also been busy doing up the bathroom cupboards and in the garden.

I went for my mammogram and for the first time ever I bruised, I was going to go to the doctors but there weren’t any appointments, and now the bruise is almost gone so there doesn’t seem much point in seeing if I can get an appointment now. But I suppose time will tell on that one.



😿 🐒

Another busy week gone, sometimes I wish time would slow down, just a little.

We had to take kitten to the vets, he came in limping. He has arthritis in his knee, poor thing. That said his meds work really quick, he is supposed to resting, (have you ever tried to put a cat on a diet or make them rest)? It’s not easy!

Yesterday I went to the zoo with my son, his friend at work adopted a  Capybara for him for Christmas, so we went to see him. We had a lovely day, the zoo is a place I used to take him a lot when he was little. It has changed quite a lot now a lot of the cages are glass fronted so you can get even closer to the animals. I really enjoyed the walk through the Lemur enclosure and laughed so much in the Lorikeet walk through, as we took in a small cup of nectar  and basically got mugged. I was covered in the sweet little things and one decided my son’s hair need a tidy up and started to pull at it and arrange it in a nice pile.  😄

I have managed to lose 1 whole pound YEA

10st 6


What a weekend, I have never known a thunder storm last for as long as the one we had on Sunday. It started at around 3am Sunday morning and went on and on off and on until around  5 ‘o’ clock Sunday evening. Our drive flooded, I spent most of the day sweeping the water away to stop it getting in the porch. I am just thank full that we didn’t get it as bad as some who were 6 foot under water.

I have put on 2lb  😏, I was so busy last week I was eating on the run really not good for you. I must take timeout for myself.




This is a ranting post 😤 😤

I didn’t get the mouse yesterday, today we have put out traps.

Yesterday on the news I heard the tail end of a news report that said the government are going to put restrictions on wood burners.   A lot of people are putting these into their homes, (we have even thought about it),  people are finding it  hard to heat their homes because of the price of gas and electric and a wood burner is a cheaper option.  So if people are using wood burners and the government wants them to stop wouldn’t it make more sense to go after the big companies to reduce their prices not the ordinary  people who are trying to make ends meet.

Then this morning I heard a news report that the government are going to start telling people how much water they can use in their homes. What if you have a sick person who has to be bathed and keep clean, small children (who are always dirty) and so on. When are the government going to realise we  are only a small island and can’t sustain the amount of people we have. We don’t have enough houses, school places, the doctors and hospitals are pushed to the limits.

We keep being told to get outside, go somewhere green and walk, It’s  good for your mental health, yet our green spaces are fast being dug up to make way for houses and flats.

Ok rant over, have a good day.



Well I have had my workout this morning!!

Kitten bless him is losing weight, he has more life, he brought in a mouse this morning… a live mouse… he let it go… he got board when it went under the cupboard… I have spent 2 hours chasing it around the house, I think I have sucked it up the hoover, I just have to wait and see if it reappears.

🐱  🐁 🐀


Back, It’s been a mad couple of weeks, hubby had a big birthday so we were out for a couple of meals, we went away for a few days to Norfolk, did a bit of walking and sight seeing, then we had a 1940’s murder mystery weekend, a trip to a colourscapes event and the general day to day actives like cleaning, gardening and so on. Some of the holiday/walks will appear on the turn off the TV blog which is somewhere over there ⇒ ⇒

I have posted pictures of the garden here, I was going to put them here but not everyone is interested in gardens, so now you have the choice. 😘

I have just read A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving, it’s a beautiful and sad story about two friends who grow up together, one knows his destiny, the other doesn’t believe him until the end. I would recommend  giving it ago. I also read ‘How I Killed Margaret Thatcher’ by Anthony cartwright, funny and just a little sad, I enjoyed it because it is set locally to where I live and I recognise a lot of the places and the type of people from my childhood.

Finished the week at 10st 4½, the weight is coming off very slowly now, or am I just not trying hard enough now? 😏


I don’t think our new scales are working, if they are I  lost 6lb last week, that can’t be right. If it is I am now 10st 2½.

Does  building a pond use up that much energy? It’s not finished yet, it’s taking longer than we thought it would. First we couldn’t empty the pond as we have frog spore and the newts are laying their eggs, which meant we had to go very gently around the pond itself.  It took  a lot of hard work to dig out the foots of the old waterfall and step, this and the weather which was very cold and wet slowed us down quite a bit.  So you will have to wait a little longer to see the end project. I have been crafting of an evening, you can see the results of that on my craft blog. (Link on the top of this page under my crafts).

My varicose veins are killing me, they are swollen and blue and itch so much, I thought losing weight was supposed to help them not make them worse. I am finding losing weight very painful, most of my fat loss is from my backside which makes sitting very painful because I am sitting on bone. Hubby as said he will buy me a blow-up ring to sit, 🤨not helping is he 🙂

I went for another blood test this morning, this one was for cholesterol and kidney/liver function. I have just taken the plaster off and she has left my arm with a massive bruise, that doesn’t normal happen  😏



Ok so I have gone up to 10st 8, I know exactly how I have done it. I have been spring cleaning the house and once I start I like to keep going, so regular meals go out of the window and I grab whatever comes to hand. So its true eating regularly does help you lose weight.  I don’t except to do much better this week. We are trying to rebuild the pond, the winter took it’s toil on the poor thing. We did build it years ago so it has lasted well and we did know we were due to carry out some repairs this year, but the heavy snow brought the side down, so it’s a rebuild.

Interested? I will post some pics in my next post.

I made a manger boo-boo yesterday. First I will take you back a few days when I read about the death of a old friends dad in the paper, well I put the time and date of the funeral on the calendar and turned up there too late. I had wrote 2.15 and it was 12.15, god I feel so guilty, thing is I seem to be getting more and more absent minded, is it menopause, is it the onset of dementia, is it stress,  am I just losing the plot?   Answers on a post card, strewth  I am showing my age now!


New scales so I am starting again 10 5¾.

We went for a walk at the weekend, same walk as last week, but this time we went for a proper look around the cone, but what I really wanted to show you was this.

What can you see in the tree? In the branches over hanging the canal.

Can you see him now? A cat, hanging out over the canal. 😁


We had sun it went warm, oh so warm. I took off the winter quilt and washed it, I put away my winter clothes, I planted seeds in the green house, I got ready for Spring…it failed, spring didn’t sprung😏

The quilt is on it’s third day  over the airer and still not dry, the rain hasn’t stopped for three days and on the news this morning a report saying potatoes this summer will be very expensive, if we have any at all because the farmers haven’t been able to plant due to the weather.  🙄 Well at least they can’t blame Brexit for the weather.

Do you believe in guiding forces? I never read our local free paper, it’s usual full of adverts and lost dog/cat/happy 50th anniversary type news, I never ever read obituary’s. So why when I picked up this weeks paper from the door mat this morning did I not only sit down with the paper but open it on the obituary page and the first one I read was for the father of an old friend I haven’t seen in years.