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Why Stay In

Stay in, look after your health service, save life’s

Tomorrow will be a good day 

Captain Tom Moore 

Some Goodish News

I walked into our other little town yesterday, again through fallen leaves, however this time the leaves were wet and slippery. Passing under a horse chestnut I a felt a tap on my head when I reached up the outer shell of a chestnut had fell from the tree. I brought it home, to me it looked like a tiny hedgehog. The reason for my walk was to hand in my blood pressure readings and to get my blood results. I was told I would need to speak to a doctor so I went back home to wait for the call. The news was goodish, my blood pressure is now on the acceptable high level, it could do with being a little lower, but the doctor was pleased I was able to get it down to this level with the little medication I am taking. My sugars have dropped a point, still high but again the doctor is happy I have done that without medication. I have to keep up the ‘good work.’ So it’s a muted yay all round. I just wish the appointment for the scan would come through.

We now have three squirrels in our garden, they are fun to watch, but they are destructive little buggers.

Bright Blessings

🍂 🍁

My last few posts have been very down I know, so I decided that today I would try to be more up beat, I thought I was going to manage it. I walked into town early  this morning, no people, very little traffic, lots of fallen leaves crunching under foot, the sun just breaking through the clouds giving everything a beautiful pink glow. Then I got to the pharmacy to pick up ‘sons’ meds. First of all they tried to tell me I had picked them up yesterday, when I pressed the point I hadn’t I was told the computer says you did. I pointed out that either the computer was wrong or they had given the prescription  to the wrong person. Another look at the computer and I was told they did have it but it ‘hadn’t been put up yet’ it would be about an hour. At this point my sunny mood was disappearing, I asked when the prescription had been sent to them and after yet another look at the computer I was told the 11th, so they had had it 6 days and still not ‘put it up’

Service is not what it used to be.

Bright Blessings


11 days into October and it’s still warm, poor little animals don’t know what they are doing.

So lets see what has been happening since I last put finger to key board, We booked and set out for our flu jabs, I say set out because 10 minutes away from the vaccination place we received a message to say it had been cancelled. This happen twice

Boris as told everyone it’s time to stop working from home, go back to work and spend money in the shops. Oh so many things wrong with this statement, first how are people supposed to go back to work when there is no fuel in the petrol stations and a lack of bus drivers, not everyone lives within walking distance of their work place. Then there’s the spend money in the shops, what money, people are struggling to put food on the table (which goes up week on week), saving to pay for the next gas/electricity bill (which has gone up by 10’s of pounds not pennies and due to go up another 30% next year), COVID is still raging, cases are still rising, people are still be admitted to hospital. Whilst I am on this subject a very high up MP has said he needs a pay rise it’s so hard to live on 82K, and this people is the problem with having people who come from money in charge, they have no idea how hard real life is. The government have also told Doctors they have to go back to offering face to face appointments, they have point blank refused, there was also a report that said basically NHS doctors are not as overworked as we keep being told. Many don’t work a full week, they do three days for the NHS and a couple of days either locum or private, both of which pay more. So to keep reporting that NHS doctors are over worked is a bit misleading don’t you think? Here’s s link to a quick read about it.

Another report states that the UK is one of the world’s most nature-depleted countries. We have only 53% of our biodiversity left and that is so scary. Again brought on by over population, over farming, (due to over population), and building on green land, which they are still doing. We used to have a lovely small wooded area a 3 minute walk from here, kids would play there, I would take my son there when he was little, there were blackberries to pick in late summer early autumn, and swans and ducks to watch on the canal that ran alongside, and loads of creepy crawlies to find and identify. Now it’s all but gone, concrete paths cover the trails and houses are popping up.

I was really looking for some good news, I really was, alas I couldn’t find any.

Bright Blessings



Humbert Wolfe

“Listen! The wind is rising, and the air is wild with leaves, We have had our summer evenings, now for October eves!”

Humbert Wolfe.

Wecome October, the month of Samhain, of Halloween, all Hallows Eve, Dia De Los Muertos, Harriletes Gigantesm and any other celebrations, I am sure there must be more but I can’t think of them at the moment.

There’s a lot of talk about Christmas being cancelled again this year, last year it was because of COVID, I don’t know about you but it came to our house. This year it’s because there will be no food or toy’s on the shelves. Haven’t these people read The Grinch

“And the Grinch, with his Grinch-feet ice cold in the snow,
stood puzzling and puzzling, how could it be so? It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes or bags. And he puzzled and puzzled ’till his puzzler was sore. Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before. What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.”

Dr Seuss How the Grinch stole Christmas

Would it be a bad thing for children not to get what they want, to be happy with a simple Christmas, If you think about it for a lot of children not having anything at Christmas won’t be any different to any other year and for those who are used to getting presents would it be that bad for them to understand that fun can be had with a game of snap, a family jigsaw, a drawing book and pencils, a walk in a park. Or am I being naive?

Bright Blessings

Queues, Queues everywhere and not a drop to buy.

I watched a lovely film at the weekend, ‘The Starling’ staring Melissa McCarthy, Chris O’Dowd, and Kevin Kline. It’s a story about loss and the ability to be able to fight your way back to life, without being in your face, it’s a nice gentle film. That said it as got some really bad reviews, but I enjoyed it.

We went shopping this morning and the queues at the petrol stations were ridicules, Boris as said he will bring in the Army to help train new drivers and to help with delivery’s, allow big companies to work together to make sure the flue gets through and give out 5000 short visas to attract drivers from abroad, too little too late I think.

Bright Blessings

And things just go from bad to worse

Now on top of everything else, (fuel prices are soring, taxes are rising. council tax is set to go up 6%, food shortages, failing health service, more people arriving everyday, shortage of houses), we now have no petrol/diesel. Well that’s not strictly true, we have it in the refineries, what we don’t have is the lorry drivers to move the stuff quickly enough. This situation is being made worse by people panic buying, not only filling up their cars, bikes etc but also Jerry cans to take home and store, (I wonder if they are the same people who brought all the toilet rolls last time), and still the government will not take action, still Boris say’s there is nothing wrong and it will sort itself out. People are blaming Brexit and the pandemic and it is to a certain extent, but it is also down to lack of enough workers in places like the DVLA, who have a backlog of license’s waiting to be processed, many of them are licenses for HGV drivers. It is down to not having enough workers to pick the fruit and veg, I refuse to believe that there are no people claiming benefits that couldn’t be fast track trained to help process these HGV license, there must be enough unemployed young fit people who could pick fruit and veg.

It is also down to years of bad government decision, and sadly they seem to be making the same mistakes all over again, refusing to see the problems when they arise, leaving everything until it is past breaking point before doing anything and then doing very little. Taxes are having to go up to pay for the NHS which has had its budget cut for years along with social care and to pay the benefits of people with young families and the unemployed, and yet companies are being allowed to become automated, banks are pushing everyone onto online banking, (something I don’t do), job losses there. Supermarkets have put self-service tills in, one is even running a trail of no check outs at all. You are monitored as you shop, a computer records what you pick up and put in you bag and you walk out, the computer then takes the money from your bank account, more and more companies will only deal with you online, no face to face and a lot of the time not even a real person when you do ring. All these are job losses and while it may be cheaper for the company, computers DON’T pay tax.

Then there is the whole global warming issue, but that’s for another post.

I know it can’t be easy running a country, but how is it that the ‘man on the street’ can see the mistakes before they happen but the powers that be can’t?

That elderly gentleman’s words keep coming back to me, ‘The only way out of this is world war three’

A few year ago someone sent me a link to a youtube video, before Brexit was even though of (which I wish I had kept). It was one of those prediction things. In it, it said the world as we knew it would end in 2022, The UK would leave the EU and this would be the cause of another large war and climate change would finish off most of what was left. I couldn’t see then how we could leave the EU, but here we are. Well we don’t have to wait too long to see.[if this one ‘is the one’ which gets the end of the world right.

Bright Blessings.

95 days!!! (To Santa)

Over the past few weeks I have been trying to sort Christmas, given all the talk about food shortages and price increases, I wanted to make sure we could eat ‘Christmas’. So there is a large chicken in the freezer, (in case we can’t get a turkey), a couple of small hams, (in case we can’t get our usual) and a piece of pork, (while we can still afford it), I have made the stuffing, that too is in the freezer. The mince meat is made and as I write the mulled wine plum chutney is on the bubble, the house smells lovely, if a little boozy for 10 to 6 AM.

We went to take a look at Moseley Hall Dovecote, it is only open a couple of times a year and was open for that day as part of the ‘Birmingham heritage open days’ it wasn’t what I was expecting from the read up it had. It won’t be on my walking/days out page because when I got there I hadn’t picked up the camera and on the way home I managed to lose all the information I had picked up about the place, what can I say my head was elsewhere.

Today I hope to start the charity Christmas cards, I feel a Christmas CD sing a long is required.

Bright Blessings.

I Have Missed

Stan’s Cafe, (pronounced caff) I didn’t realise how much until yesterday when we headed for Cotteridge Park to see Rivers. History taught like you have never been taught before, as only Stan’s Cafe can do it.  I have seen many Stan’s Cafe performances in the past and never been disappointed, this was no exception. Designed and made by Vicky Roden two textile river maps, detailing every bridge, dam, confluence and town along the Thames and the Volga lie on the grass. You take your place alongside the river and are taken on a very entertaining, funny and informative ‘trip down the river.’  If it tours anywhere near you give it a go.

If History had been taught in school like this 51 years ago, I may have paid more attention 🙂





“Two sounds of autumn are unmistakable…the hurrying rustle of crisp leaves blown along the street…by a gusty wind, and the gabble of a flock of migrating geese.

Hal Borland

In the week I turned 61 I found a lump in my neck, just above the collar bone. I went to the doctors and asked for an appointment and was told a doctor would call me. At 12.10 a doctor did ring, I explained about the lump, where it was, what it felt like, how it reacted to my movements, the doctor said he wanted to see me ‘Now’, so I got on the next bus and was sat in his office at 12.50. He said my description had given him some concerns, then he examined me, said my description was excellent. He thought the lump could be either a cyst or a tumor, but the good news was it wasn’t too deep, (at the moment), so he as ordered a scan to see what is going on. So now I have to wait for an appointment. My son had a field day with the jokes, ‘Have we got to start calling you Zaphod are you going to get a job in advertising? (A reference to ‘How to get a Head in advertising). The lumps really not that big.

The day of my birthday didn’t go as planned. I had intended to take myself to the zoo and then for lunch, (hubby was taking someone to the station in the middle of the day so couldn’t join me). It didn’t happen I got up with vertigo again. I really hate getting older.

The geese are starting to leave, the spiders are moving in Autumn is on it’s way. We have had a lot of moths this year, really pretty and colourful, bigger than normal to, they too have decided to move in. So I went a googling as up to now I think I have identified Annulet, Antler, Emperor moth and Brown House moths. I can’t find the name of the one I really wanted to find., which had a fat body and red pattern wings. I shall continue to look.

This morning on the news, we could be back in lock down in October and face masks may be made compulsory again, personal I think they made a mistake lifting that rule anyway.

Bright Blessings