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Our garden

Why Stay In

Stay in, look after your health service, save life’s

Tomorrow will be a good day 

Captain Tom Moore 

Welcome May

Happy Beltane, did you wash your face in morning dew and make a flower crown, how about jumping through the smoke of a fire, no oh well never mind there’s always next year.

This time last year we spent the weekend in the garden having our own Greenman/May day celebrations, it was warm, this year it’s freezing and wet.

This morning I went for my second Covid jab, my arm aches that didn’t happen last time, I keep having dizzy spells that didn’t happen last time and I have a temperature that didn’t happen last time either. Bummer.

Enjoy the break

Technology/Progress a force for good or evil, or something in between.

At the beginning of lock down we were told we could no longer drop prescriptions into the doctors they had to be email in. We have had more wrong prescriptions and missing prescriptions than correct ones using this method. Hubby decided to put some of his redundancy money into a government savings account on line , he tried to close that account and remove the money, he was lockout, he had to wait for a new password to be sent to us by post before we could access his money. I decided I want to take part in the Captain Tom 100 channel at the end of April, I set up a justgiving page, when I tried to log in it would not accept the password, I tried several times, then contacted the Captain Tom organisers for advice, they sent me to justgiving, who after several emails sent me back to the organisers. I gave up on the idea altogether I felt like a ping-pong ball*. There was a report on the news of a driverless car crashing and killing two people. The Nuclear bomb, now there’s a piece of tec/progress to be proud of, lets create something that can wipe out the world and every living thing on it, and not just that just for good measure lets leave the planet poisoned for a few thousand years.

Once the world was a big wide place but technology as allowed us to see around the world and encourage people to go out and see that world for themselves, the world as become tiny and look at the mess that as caused. Technology is taking over more and more of peoples jobs leaving people with more time on their hands and nothing to do. There are not that many leisure actives/hobbies that don’t involve money but no work means no money. Less people working, less tax being paid, less tax less money to paid for the up keep of the country. Technology is taking away our ability to think and problem solve, ‘just google it’ seems to be the cry of the day. Technology is helping to create a race of fat, dull, common sense deficient people, people with time on their hands and nothing to do rarely works out well, the Devil makes work for idle hands and all that. People rarely talk to each other face to face any more they ‘chat’ via text even when in the same room, I have often lamented at the loss of a really good conversation.

On the other hand Technology as given us DNA testing, a way of fighting crime, tracking hereditary disease. CAT/CT machines, help in the research of new medicine and advanced operations.** More food safety. OK I give up, I can’t find one reason that technology is that good for us, really good for us as a planet. If you have any ideas, if so leave them in the comments, I really would like to see the good side of technology.

*I made the 100 cards anyway and gave them to SIL who passed them on to a person she knows that does charity events for breast cancer, so it’s still good.

**This could also been seen as a negative, people living longer, more people on the planet

Crossed Wires Cause a Touch Of Tension

At the weekend hubby went to collect our prescription, which yet again were not correct, out of 7 items ordered all on the same email only two had been forwarded to the pharmacy. He rang me to tell me this and said he was on his way home. Two hours later he still wasn’t home, (town is a 10 minute walk away), I rang him and got his answer machine, I left a massage, an hour later I rang again the phone was still on answer machine. I put on my coat and was just about to head out when in he walked ‘WHERE THE BLOODY HELL HAVE YOU BEEN’ was how I greeted him, ‘I have been worried sick.’ He had been to the vets, why couldn’t he have told me he was going to the vets, why did he say he was coming home, why didn’t he answer his phone. According to him he hadn’t said he was coming home, he had said he was going to the vets, and he didn’t hear his phone. He always hears it when it’s his mother or sister, excuse me whilst I scream…

…That’s better.

We have a new variant of COVID, this one as come in from Indian. I really can’t see why travel to other countries wasn’t stopped, we are never going to stop this thing from spreading around the world. Here’s the link to the story.

I did see a report that said the people of Indian were refusing to wear face masks, then it showed the banks of the Ganga, (Ganges ) packed full of people, not really a clever way to behave given the times we are living in, that said it’s much the same here now that the pubs have opened.

I watched Prince Philips funeral, it was so fitting. Very little of the pomp and ceremony normally associated with Royal occasions, because of the restrictions only 30 people attended, the focus was entirely on him and the service, not the people attending or the crowd outside. He planned most of it himself and because of the times we are now in I think he got what he wanted. The Queen looked lost and suddenly old, she as lost her rock. I do wonder if she will now take a back seat.

Well lets see what this week brings.

Bright Blessings

Back to the vets with Kitten

Kitten hasn’t been too well for the past week, he has had a cough and not been eating, so hubby took him to the vets. He came home saying he wasn’t taking him alone again, then he gave me the story. Kitten was on the table with hubby holding his head while the vet checked his tummy, Kitten then twisted and made a run for it, both hubby and vet lunged to catch him but he was on the floor and back in the basket within a second. The vet pick up the basket and Kitten was hung by his claws inside, he gave Kitten an antibiotic injection in the basket. The vet told hubby that cats can get coughs for no reason when they are old, it’s just old age but it could be other things. However he would like to try antibiotics first because the other tests would mean using anaesthetic and Kitten being as old as he is it could be dangerous. So hubby said we would try the jab first. Back home Kitten ate three king prawns, licked the plate and went to sleep, so her appetite is back. Why doesn’t people medicine work that quickly 🙂.

While hubby was at the vets, I had to chase Nellie down the garden and retrieve a bee from her mouth, honestly she will eat anything, she never stops eating. Hubby calls it her stray cat syndrome, she was quite young when she moved into our garden, still a baby, she slept under the trees, (I would have brought her in then but hubby said to leave her and she would go home). It broken my heart when I saw her eating the bird seed and worms, and she would try to get into our house so I started to put food out for her. Then one very wet night she tried to follow Kitten through an open window, ‘look at the poor thing’ I cried. Long story short Nellie moved in, she was covered in fleas, had worms and was under weight. We took her to the vets and she wasn’t chipped, so I said to the vets OK she’s mine now, and that’s the story of how Nellie came to live with us.

And so it begins…Again

More restrictions were lifted on Monday none essential shops, pubs, gyms, zoo’s can now open. Why was I surprised to see the footage on the news of drunk people sat/stood far too close to each other, telling stories of waiting outside the pub door at midnight so they could be the first ones to get a drink, (why on earth open at midnight Sunday anyway ). All the talk from Boris was about the fact that now people can go back to the pubs, are we a country of drunks? Then their were the people queuing outside of a well known cheapo shop from 4am to buy clothes that last two washes if you are lucky. Cases have already started to rise from the schools opening before Easter, people just don’t/won’t/couldn’t careless about taking care.

When this all started I had a conversation with hubby, he was one of the people who believed it would all be over by the end of summer. I gave him a quick history lesson, we will have this for two and a half three years, there will be three waves, then little outbreaks. As we watched the news he said ‘it looks like you were right.’ It’s not hard to predict all you have to do is look at other pandemics.

The heron came a visiting, he is a majestic, beautiful bird, but now we have no fish 🙄

Bright Blessings keep safe


I haven’t stepped on a pair of scales since November 2019, I did this morning, I wish I hadn’t. Now I know my diet hasn’t been good over this pandemic, I know I have eaten a lot of rubbish and chocolate, so much chocolate, something I rarely ate before lock down. I also know that I haven’t been excising as much as I used to, well to tell the truth I haven’t done any at all. The video excises went out of the window when hubby finished work, simply because our living room is not big enough for him to sit and me to workout, I haven’t even done my back excises. With lock down I haven’t been wandering in and out of town to pick up shopping or do banking. Hubby does the banking since they shut the counters. I can’t use touch screens on anything, they don’t respond to my touch. I think I have said before that before lock down some people would leave me at these screens just so they could have a laugh at my struggles. Anyhow back to where I started, I have put on 1½ stone 😱 Time to get things back under control.

Bright blessings

A Short But Good Read

I have just read The Finite by Kit Powers, it’s the type of book that stays with you. It’s the story of a father and daughter after a nuclear bomb as been dropped on London, a story of family, love and the what lengths would you/could you go to to look after your loved ones. It’s made me cry.

I read it in one sitting.

Bright Blessings

It’s a sad life

Sat in the garden yesterday watching the police helicopter flying low round and round, listening to the sirens of police cars and ambulances. Hubby came home from his walk and said you wouldn’t believe the amount of police cars in Boundary Avenue, and there’s three plain clothes cars at the end of our road. He always calls unmarked police cars plain clothes police cars.  We later learnt that an 81 year old woman had been killed by two dogs in her own garden, the police were interviewing a 43 year old man who was supposed to be in charge of the dogs. I heard stories like this, be it people or animals and I feel sick, it’s as if I can feel their fear, I find the feeling overwhelmingly, I have no control over my emotions for a few minutes. Hubby says I am far to ‘Intune’

Why do people keep animals they have no control over?

Bright Blessings

Please explain

1st April, some lucky people get a pay rise. Minimum wage has gone up by 7 – 16 pence an hour, ( for people 17 to 23), the living wage (for people 23 and over) as gone up by 19 pence an hour. However council tax is going up an average by 5%, prescriptions are going up 20 pence an item, TV licences are up £1.50, road tax up £5, gas and electricity (for the average home)* up £100. I can’t find any info about rent prise yet and we all know food prices are rising. That pay rise is very unlikely to cover even half of that, if you are living on your saving it’s worse. Given all this we are now being told to get out there and spend to get the economy going, spend what? By the time what has to be paid is paid and food is put on the table you will be very lucky to have anything left. Then there was the comment about spending your savings to help the economy, there’s a good idea, spend your savings, then when you lose your job/hit hard times what are you supposed to do, go cap in hand to the state to claim benefits? Yes why not, lets put more pressure on the state.

We have just had two of the hottest March days in 50 years, it hit 24c in some places, now the artic air is back. I really thought it was summer 😎

Bright Blessing

Happy Easter, Ostara


A long, long time ago the Animal Kingdom gathered excitedly together for a very special meeting. A very special guest was coming to visit. There was to be a Party and gifts for the special guest. The Very Special Guest was none other than the Goddess herself.

Some of the animals were very rich and some were very poor but only the very best gifts would do for the Goddess. So off they went to prepare their gifts. Hare was very excited, he dearly loved the Goddess and wanted to give her something very special, but he was very poor, but he had a big generous heart. He was going to give her the very finest gift he could find.

Hare hurried home to see what he could find, he looked everywhere. In the cupboards and under the bed, around his garden, by the river but there was nothing, even the larder was empty. He had nothing to give Her. The only one thing he had was his last egg, and that was it. It was the only thing he had left. Hare gently took the egg and lovingly decorated with twigs and leaves and took it to the party.

Hare was very worried, all the other animals had such lovely gifts gold, silver and precious jewels. and all Hare had was the egg. Soon all the gifts had been given and Hare was the very last to give his gift. Hare very shyly presented the Goddess with the egg, worried that she would not like the poor gift. She took the gift and looked closely at it, then looked at him and saw the true spirit of Hare. And there and then the Goddess appointed Hare as her Very Special Animal – because Hare had given away everything he had.

A reminder to us all at this time of year.