Just Another Thing

I am into my forth year ‘officially’ of the menopause, although I think I had entered it sometime before that, but the worst of the symptoms were masked by the fact that I was on the pill. I stopped taking it after being told on three consecutive yearly check-ups I was now too old to really need the pill! People can still get pregnant🤰   at 50 I wailed, apparently its not so common.  I came off it. The menopause kicked in two months later. At first I thought I was going mad, relating this to a friend with the story of searching the house top to bottom to find my keys, I found them in the freezer, and a cup of half drunk tea in the cupboard with the clean cups. She smiled  at  me and said ‘you just wait.’ 😈

It’s not easy, along with the absent-mindedness, weight gain, aching joints, menopausal acne, dry skin and the what is affectionately (?) know as power surges, HOT FLUSHES. I now have dry-eye, apparently it’s also part of the menopause, drops start at £4 and can go up to £20 depending on what you choose.  I have one with vitamin A + E in which cost £5.

There are lots of tips on how to cope from diet to exercise, relaxation to what to wear, I have tried them all, none of them work. I sometimes think Mother nature has a very strange sense of humour.

Have you reached the big M, if so what are your tips on coping? 😃

Whey Hey

Oh to see the total eclipse, I would love to see one. We had one here in 99 , but as usually the British weather stopped play  🙁 I like to think that the eclipse brings with it a new energy, hopefully a positive one for us all. I also like to believe that it had given me my share early, because…


…Iv’e done it, I have hit  my first target  of 5% weight loss. I lost 3½lb this week which made a total loss of 9½lb in 5 weeks. I had to lose 8lb for the 5%. So I am on my way to the next target of 1st 2lb and I have 19 weeks to do it in.

Excitedly this morning I took out a lovely purple top I have been unable to get on for some time…


…it’s far too big 😲

So last nights class was a change again, as our coach was away on his happy hols. Last nights coach had us doing a circuit. I thought my heart was going to pop out of my chest. No breaks between excises 1 minute on each excise, three set, each set getting harder.  Back kicks, farmers walk with kettle weights,  2kg basket ball through hoop, (I have total lost my eye for this), push ups, squats, plank, squats with kettle weights, jump ins from plank, forward lunge.

No talk last night as coach need to go, so we all got off early.

Start Weight 11st 13lb

Bust 45 ½ in

Waist 44 in

Hips 45 in

After 5 weeks

Weight 11st 4lb          loss of 9½lb

Bust 42½in                    3in loss

Waist 39in                    5in loss

Hips 42in                      3in loss




And it has nothing to do with the weather, which is awful at the moment. Coldest summer for 30 years according to the weather forecast. August is a funny month, it’s supposed to be summer but it’s dark by 9pm and the sun doesn’t come up until 6am, it should be called the start of autumn really. But I digress I want to have a little moan, I was told that losing weight and taking more exercise would help with my menopausal symptoms “YEA” Not so ☹️ My flushes have been full-on this week, my menopausal acne as erupted all over my body and the tension headaches make my head feel like it’s going to explode. I have been in the garden this morning trying to get into some sort of order. I fell in the stinger patch, my arm is now bright red with white spots, swollen and very itchy. Why do we have a stinger patch? For the butterflies of course.

Thanks it, thank you for listening. 😃


Another yum this one is a starter or a side, but I find with a wholemeal roll it makes a lovely light lunch. It consists of onions which are very good for you. Onions help to reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure and help to combat infections.

As before the recipe is in black, my version is in blue

Will feed 4 as a starter, 4-6 as a side, the blue version one for a meal

Onions A La Grecque

1 lemon plus 4 tsp juice

½ lemon plus 1 tsp juice

100ml water

50ml water

3tbsp dry white wine

1 clove garlic chopped

1 clove garlic chopped

½ tsp each of  crushed coriander and pepper corns

½ tsp each of  crushed coriander and pepper corns

1 bay leaf

1 bay leaf

500g shallots

3-4 shallots

Cut the lemons in half and squeeze half.

Put the lemons, juice, water, oil, wine if using, garlic,  and spices into a pan and bring to the boil. Reduce the heat, cover and cook for 10 minutes.

Add the onions and cook for 20 minutes, then remove the onions and lemon and pop them in a dish, boil the sauce that is left until reduced, pour over the top of the onions and enjoy.

I love the tang of the lemon against the sweetness of the onion, very refreshing. 😋




Week Four

Another week another pound 😀  As long as it’s going down I really don’t care how much I lose.

The exercise this session was grueling, after the warm up, we had to do 60 seconds on 10 seconds off of the following, (all as fast as possible) jogging, squats, backwards squats, wall presses, mountain climb, 4 sets 3 minute rest. This was followed by the next set again for 60 seconds on, 10 off and for 4 sets.  Forwards balance stretches, shoulder taps, chair dips (KILLER), wall planks, squats with alternate arms. 2 minute rest, followed  by jogging for 2 minuets,  backwards squats, star jumps then the cool down, oh how  I love the cool down.

The talk was about portion control and carbs, what they do/why we need them. The surprising thing is what a portion of carbs is…not as much as you think! 😲

All the below count as one portion

1 slice of bread

1 small bread roll

½ a pitta

½ a wrap

a fist size potato

2 eggs size potatos

5 chips

20g oats

1 weetabix

80g cooked rice

40g couscous

80g boiled pasta

Now I can see how I over eat carbs.

All this healthy eating is fine but my bowels don’t agree, I am sooooo constipated  😖, a word with the coach and we decided that I don’t drink enough, I needed to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. I have had 5 today and I swear I can hear it slashing about inside me.  🙂


 11 7½


I am going to share with you one of my favorite meals, (one of many 😋 ), carrot and chilli soup with a vegetable muffin.

The soup,

Two carrots

One fat red chilli

25g red lentils

Enough water to cover all the veg.

Throw it all into a pan and boil until the carrots are cooked and the lentils are soft, then wizz in a blender until smooth.

Muffins can be high in fat, however I have changed this recipe to make it a little lighter. The recipe in black is the origin and the blue my version.


Makes 12

300g plan flour

150g plan flour, 150g wholemeal  rye flour

1tbsp baking powder             

1tbsp baking powder

230g grated veg

  230g grated veg 

1/2 teaspoon nutmeg

 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg

300ml sour cream

  300ml low fat sour cream

1 egg                                                    

1 egg

100g butter

100g low fat spread

200ml milk melted                       

200ml skimmed milk  melted



preheat oven to 200° c, fan 180° c gas 6

Put all of the dry ingredients into a bowl and mix, add the veg and mix again. Then add the egg, butter and sour cream, beat. If the mix is dry add the milk a little at a time.

Place in paper muffin cases or a oiled tin. Cook for 25 minutes.

These can be eaten warm or cold and freeze well. Lovely with soup, one is a serving.



Happy Bunny? Not Today


I am not a happy bunny 😡

Today I decided to go into town to buy a sports bra, I am fed up with flying boobs. I got soaked, it was tipping down and the cars weren’t helping. Why is it that lorry drivers can move over or slow down, but car drivers find this small act  impossible,  and instead go flying through puddles causing huge waves of rain water which soak every pedestrian on the pavements. But I digress, off I went to town (I walk it’s part of my exercise, hour and half round trip), to Matalan.

The shop felt as if the heating had been set for arctic winter, so now I am wet from the rain and hot and clammy from the heat, have you ever tried to pull on a sports bra when you are shut in a small changing room and your body is damp? Let me tell you it’s not easy, both arms in then a little twirling around dance to wriggle in down to find I had it on backwards, big fight to get it off and back on the right way round. Yes it fits time to take it off again.  By this time I am even hotter so getting it off again was even worse, lots of wriggling, and bouncing of the walls and even a little bit of bad language,  I emerged red faced and feeling like I had done another workout!! I did toy briefly  with the idea of walking to the till with it still on and saying just scan it on me, I am trapped.

Now I have shopped here for years. When it first opened you had to have a full time job to get a card, I only worked part time so we took one out in my husbands name and I had an add on card. For the first time ever today I was question at the check out.

cashier- who’s card is this

me- mine

cashier- no this is not your name

me- no that’s my husbands name

cashier – do you have photo id

me- no, and I have never been asked for id before, (bearing in mind this is just a cheapo clothes shop)

cashier – what is your husbands email address

I gave what I thought it was and told her I couldn’t be sure, as I lived in the same house as him, I didn’t email him, I spoke to him.

Honestly, really, what’s it coming to when you need id to shop.  😩